Interactive Annotations on Large, High-Resolution Information Displays


We provide the capabilities to interactively create annotations for high-resolution information displays using low-resolution input. These types of annotations are important during collaborative information exploration to externalize parts of the exploration process for the collaborators. We provide the possibility of using direct touch-input with pen or finger at a low resolution to write or draw annotations. These are made available as Sticky Notes that can then be used without major costs in rendering time and screen-real-estate on a high-resolution display.

Paper download:  (6.1 MB)


Teaser video shown at the InfoVis 2006 conference:

(:neo_flv-player (http:../personal/videos/)Isenberg_2006_IAL(.flv) width=320 height=240 startimage="../personal/videos/Isenberg_2006_IAL.jpg" -link:)

Download the video as AVI-MPEG4 (3.6MB) or watch it on YouTube.

Annotations in use:

(:neo_flv-player (http:../personal/videos/)Isenberg_2006_BFS2(.flv) width=320 height=240 startimage="../personal/videos/Isenberg_2006_BFS2.jpg" -link:)

Watch this video on YouTube.


You can download a demo of the Table Interface Application (Win32, 47 MB) and try it out for yourself. The demo works best with Smart DViT hardware.

Poster (presented at InfoVis 2006):


Tobias Isenberg, Petra Neumann, Sheelagh Carpendale, Simon Nix, and Saul Greenberg (2006) Interactive Annotations on Large, High-Resolution Information Displays. In Conference Compendium of IEEE VIS, IEEE InfoVis, and IEEE VAST (October 29–November 3, Baltimore, Maryland, USA). IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos, CA, pages 124–125, 2006. Extended abstract and poster.

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This work was done at the Innovis group at the Interactions Lab of the University of Calgary, Canada.