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Advanced Computer Graphics (Photorealistic Rendering), Polytech Paris-Saclay

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Post-Docs Franck P. Vidal, medical visualization (co-supervised with Jean-Daniel Fekete)

!! Projects for Interns, Bachelor Students, Master Students, or PhD Students

Projects for Internship/Master's or PhD Students

p color=red fully funded PhD project: Support of the Interactive Visual Exploration and Classification of Temporal Development in 3D Datasets using the Example of Cell Division Data

for a Bachelor project, for a Master's research/internship project, for an internship, for a Master's thesis, or for a PhD project

If you have an interesting idea for a Master's research/internship project or for a PhD project that falls into one or more of my research topics please contact me (e.g., by e-mail). Please note that if you would like to do a project under my supervision you have to follow a number of thesis/project guidelines. Please also note that for many such projects we do not have funding freely available, so we would need to work together to acquire the respective funding; this requires a contact well ahead of time so that enough time remains for applications. Bachelor-level projects are rather unlikely since we generally do not have funding available for Bachelor students. So, unless you are located close to us and come with funding, an application for a Bachelor project makes little sense.

Please also note that I will not reply to e-mails which (a) do not address me personally, which (b) do not show a clear interest in the research fields I am working in, and/or which (c) are not written in English (or German) as the mastery of English is the basis for being able to succeed in research in general and in our team in particular. If you then contact me, please clearly state your interests, your skills and past experience, your funding situation, and your schedule.

!!!Current open PhD positions * Structural and Functional Visualization of Brain Connectivity * always check the Aviz jobs page

!!!Current Master's thesis projects none right now

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* Abstract Rendering of Faces in the Style of Julian Opie (Jente ten Hoeve; as co-supervisor)

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