Semantics by Analogy for Illustrative Volume Visualization



We present an interactive graphical approach for the explicit specification of semantics for volume visualization. This explicit and graphical specification of semantics for volumetric features allows us to visually assign meaning to both input and output parameters of the visualization mapping. This is in contrast to the implicit way of specifying semantics using transfer functions. In particular, we demonstrate how to realize a dynamic specification of semantics which allows to flexibly explore a wide range of mappings. Our approach is based on three concepts. First, we use semantic shader augmentation to automatically add rule-based rendering functionality to static visualization mappings in a shader program, while preserving the visual abstraction that the initial shader encodes. With this technique we extend recent developments that define a mapping between data attributes and visual attributes with rules, which are evaluated using fuzzy logic. Second, we let users define the semantics by analogy through brushing on renderings of the data attributes of interest. Third, the rules are specified graphically in an interface that provides visual clues for potential modifications. Together, the presented methods offer a high degree of freedom in the specification and exploration of rule-based mappings and avoid the limitations of a linguistic rule formulation.

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Main Reference:

Moritz Gerl, Peter Rautek, Tobias Isenberg, and Eduard Gröller (2012) Semantics by Analogy for Illustrative Volume Visualization. Computers & Graphics, 36(3):201–213, May 2012.

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Moritz Gerl (2013) Explorations in Interactive Illustrative Rendering. PhD thesis, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, March 2013.

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This work was done at the Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics Lab of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.