Illustrative Visualization

Non-photorealistic rendering is inspired by a long tradition of illustration. I applied NPR techniques to illustration and visualization problems in medical, technical, and other domains. I also worked on combining NPR methods with other rendering techniques to create hybrid rendering styles for illustration and visualization. For example, I have used non-photorealistic techniques to visualize uncertainty and style elements in archaeological reconstructions as well as for technical and medical illustration and visualization. I also worked on combining pure non-photorealistic techniques with other rendering methods such as shading and volume rendering to produce hybrid visualizations which are very useful, in particular, in medical imaging.

More recently, I have worked on comparing computer-generated non-photorealistic renditions with professionally created hand-drawn illustrations. The surprising result was that people could, in general, distinguish the two types of images but still liked both categories. They enjoyed the hand-drawn for their character and the computer-generated for their precision and three-dimensional appearance.

Selected Demos, Videos, and Projects: