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Advanced Computer Graphics


This is the webpage for the class »Advanced Computer Graphics (Photorealistic Rendering)«. This page will function as the main communication means of materials and assignments for the class. The class will be taught in English. For questions and comments please contact the instructors.

This class introduces you to advanced concepts behind tree-dimensional computer graphics such as advanced illumination models, global illumination models, GPU computing, shadow computation, sub-surface scattering, smooth surfaces, image-based rendering, non-photorealistic rendering, and visualization techniques. The class is accompanied by a tutorial in which presence is mandatory. In this tutorial you will deepen your understanding of the presented material through implementations (self-written ray-tracer).

Administrative information:

* look up each week on (check for ET-5) * room: look up each week on (for ET 5 on the left and the correct week on the bottom) * timetable and locations of the lecture and the tutorials * timetable and locations of the lecture and the tutorials * Nestor page of the class (will not be used for announcements and course description, but will be used for handing in assignments through the digital dropbox in Nestor) * Ocasys page for the class


* Dr. Tobias Isenberg (lectures) * Tijmen Klein (teaching assistant) * Ruurd Moelker (teaching assistant)

Course materials:

book Donald Hearn and M. Pauline Baker, "Computer Graphics with OpenGL", 3rd edition, 2004, Prentice-Hall, ISBN 0-13-120238-3

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