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Participation in the lab sessions/tutorials is mandatory. Contact one of the instructors upfront if you cannot attend. Only good reasons are accepted.

The final grade of the class will be derived as follows:

  • 50% from the tutorial participation and programming
  • 50% from a final written exam.

For being able to pass the class you have to pass both parts individually. This means that you have to achieve at least 50% of the tutorial grade and 50% of the written exam. This also means that you have to have at least 60% of the overall grade to pass.

We use a policy of strict deadlines. Students who hand in their materials late receive 10% reduction per day they late (for example, 10 minutes late means 1 day late and 10% deduction, 1 day and 10 minutes late means 2 days late and 20% deduction, etc.).

If we find that a student is cheating they will receive no points for the respective assignment/exam; further disciplinary measures may be taken.

If you are not able to take an exam that you have signed up for you are expected to call or e-mail the teacher.

Finally, results from the tutorial of this class are only valid for exams taken during the year the tutorial was taken, and expire afterward. This means you cannot do the tutorial this year and, for example, take the exam two years later.

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