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Tutorial 5

Tutorial: Building Data Apps with Panel

Teacher: Natkamon Tovanich

We will build the data visualization dashboard and publish it on your local server using the Panel library.

Before the class

  • We will run develop the dashboard and deploy it on your computer. So please install Jupyter Notebook and the Altair library on your local machine instead of using Google Colab for this tutorial.
  • Install Panel library using conda or pip. Make sure that the Panel version is ≥ 1.3.8.

During the class

  • The student notebook is available for download here.
  • The solution will be posted here after the class.
    • Note: it did not work in the class because I forgot to change "pane.selection.brush.items()" to "selection.item()" in filtered_table(selection) and plot_bar(selection) functions.
    • i.e., "for key, value in pane.selection.brush.items()" --> replace with "selection.items()" should work.

Useful resources

Acknowledgment This tutorial is prepared from Panel's Vega documentation and the PyData 2019 tutorial by James A. Bednar.

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