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Tutorial 2

Tutorial 2: Introduction to Tableau

Teacher: Jiayi Hong

In this tutorial, you will use Tableau software to process and visualize data in an exploratory way (exploratory data analysis).

Before the tutorial

Install Tableau. You can request a free license as students here. Please note that it can take 1–2 days for Tableau Inc. to validate your student status, and thus to send you your license key. So start this process well ahead of the tutorial day.

Getting Started

Download the datasets: Data as CSV on Google

For French or other non-English computers, you may need to download the data in the TSV format for Tableau to correctly import the data.

Note: If you get problems in loading the CSV file (as described, this may happen for certain regional settings on your computer, such as French localization), open the dataset in your browser by clicking on the link, which opens it on Google, choose to open with Google Sheets, and then download the data in the TSV format. You could check that the data types when loading the data based on this.


  1. Get familiar with Tableau
  2. Questions to be explored:
    • The factor of constraints on government powers (1) in different countries.
    • Try to find countries with high factors in both Open Government (3) and Order and Security (5).
    • The factor of constraints on government powers (1) in different regions.
    • Create a Dashboard for output.

Demo in the class

Video: https://youtu.be/Ysay_I_5ng8

Raw file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10HKa-LMt7937_jInm1Le7NFP6SEdplgu/view?usp=share_link

Useful resources to learn Tableau

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