Interaction with Non-Photorealistic and Illustrative Rendering and Visualizations

Many NPR techniques are encapsulated algorithms that allow little influence on the final product other than global parameter changes. In addition, interfaces for NPR are often cluttered with an enormous number of parameters whose influence is difficult to understand. I work on giving people understandable and direct local control over the rendering process.

Direct-touch interaction with a stroke-based non-photorealistic rendering application.

Below you can see videos of some of the developed interaction techniques for interacting with painterly stroke-based rendering.

(:neo_flv-player (http:../personal/videos/)Schwarz_2007_MRP(.flv) width=320 height=240 startimage="../personal/videos/Schwarz_2007_MRP.jpg" -link:)

Download the video as AVI-MPEG4 (23.4MB)

Using hand postures it is possible to create your own strokes while being able to interact with the interface without the use of buttons or menus.

(:neo_flv-player (http:../personal/videos/)Grubert_2008_ISN(.flv) width=320 height=240 startimage="../personal/videos/Grubert_2008_ISN.jpg" -link:)

Download the video as AVI-MPEG4 (12MB)

Using NPR Lenses it is possible to parametrize line renderings, adjusting the line styles locally without being bound to the object hierarchy of the model.

(:neo_flv-player (http:../personal/videos/)Neumann_2007_NLI(.flv) width=320 height=240 startimage="../personal/videos/Neumann_2007_NLI.jpg" -link:)

Download the video as AVI-MPEG4 (13.8MB)

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