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Previous Supervision of Student Term Projects


  • Arthur Azambre. Visualizing Muscle Simulations in Virtual Reality. Co-supervised; primary supervisors: Sebastian Rigling and Michael Sedlmair.
  • Mathis Brossier. Molecular Visualization in OpenSpace. Co-supervised; primary supervisors: Lonni Besançon and Mathieu Linares.
  • Pierre Surer. Hybrid Visualization with an Actuated Physical Display and Augmented Reality. Co-supervised; primary supervisor: Raimund Dachselt.


  • Candemir Döğer. Interactive Visualization on Tablet-sized Devices.


  • Basak Alper. Interactive Visualization of the Brain's Connectivity Information. Co-supervised with Jean-Daniel Fekete.
  • Jan Paul Eikelenboom. Navigation of VR Spaces on a Touch-Enabled Large Wall Display.
  • Evert Kramer. Presentation of the Exploration of 3D Visualization Spaces to Audiences using Touch Interaction on a Very Large Wall Display.
  • Tijmen Klein. Direct-Touch Interaction for 3D Flow Visualization.

* Navigation of VR Spaces on a Touch-Enabled Large Wall Display (Jan-Paul Eikelenboom) (incomplete)



  • Luc Vlaming. Multi-touch Interaction for Presentations using Inexpensive Consumer Hardware.
  • Bob E. Dröge. Video Mosaics by Animating Tile Transitions.
  • Pjotr Svetachov. Generating Sumi-e Paintings from Photographs.



  • Nico Ritsche. Effizientes Rendern beliebiger Materialien mit Hilfe von BRDFs. [Efficient Rendering of Arbitrary Materials Using BRDFs.] Research project.


  • Angela Brennecke. Entwicklung und Implementierung von Heuristiken zum Vergleich von internen Skelett-Graphen. [Development and implementation of Heuristics for the Comparison of Internal Skeleton Graphs.] Research project.