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Direct-Touch Interaction for 3D Flow Visualization

Term project by Tijmen Klein


This term project presents a design study that deals with both the hardware and software design for an interactive application for the exploration of scientific flow visualizations. It deals with the combination of 7 DOF navigation, 3 DOF cutting plane placement, 2 DOF drilling exploration, 5 DOF positioning of seeding particles in the dataset, the exploration of temporal aspects, and volumetric & isosurface based visualizations. It uses multiple non-overlapping gestures to provide a wide variety of possible interactions to the user. 3D fluid flow simulations consisting of a scalar and vector field are used for testing the application. The developed application is evaluated with fluid flow experts using an observational evaluation.

Tijmen's results were presented at EuroVis 2012 and published as a journal paper in the Computer Graphics Forum. Tijmen's report can also be downloaded.