Tutorial 3 And 4

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Tutorial 3 And 4

Interactive Data Visualization with Altair

Before the class

  1. In this tutorial, you can choose whether to use Google Colaboratory or install Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook.
  2. In case you use Jupyter Notebook on your local machine, you need to install the Altair library.
  3. Make sure that Altair library did work before the class by running this demo on your local machine.
  4. Watch Introduction to Altair videos in this playlist.
  5. Getting familiar with data transformation with Pandas. We will not cover this in the tutorial.

Tutorial 3: Data visualization

  • The student notebook for this tutorial is available here.
  • Click File > Save a Copy in Drive to clone the tutorial notebook into your Colab Notebooks folder OR Click File > Download > Download .ipynb to download the notebook on your local computer.
  • Dataset: cars.json (You don't need to download if you installed the vega-datasets package.)
  • The solution will be posted here after the class.

Tutorial 4: Interaction and selection

Acknowledgment: The tutorials are based on Exploratory Data Visualization with Altair tutorial at PyCon 2018.

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