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Data Visualization


This is the webpage for the class « Data Visualization ». This page will function as the main communication means of materials and assignments for the class. The class will be taught in English. For questions and comments please contact the instructor.

This class introduces you to the main concepts behind the visualization of data. As the amount of data is growing faster than the speed of computers to process them, it becomes harder to analyze this data, to understand it both at a global level and at a smaller scale, and to make decisions based on the data. Visualization turns data into visual representations that allow users to understand it and to provide them with interactive tools that are designed to efficiently navigate and analyze these representations. The class introduces students to the field of visualization, discusses various types of visualizations according to the type of data being analyzed (tabular data, hierarchical data, graphs, texts, 3D data), and teaches the process to build data analysis tools.

Administrative information:

  • evaluation type: multiple choice exam (50%) plus regular assignments (50%)


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