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Possible Project: 3D Views of Traditional 2D Hatching Illustrations using Layering

Target Group

Bachelor or Onderzoekstage


traditional 2D hatching illustrations; examples:

Project Description

There are lots of traditional 2D hatching illustrations like in the Jules Verne books or in illustrations of historic events. These are, however, 2D drawings of 3D scenes. The goal of this project would be to turn these into a partial 3D scene. The basic idea would be to use layering to create 3D view of the illustration in which one could move the camera in the vicinity of the original viewpoint and get the proper views of the layered 3D scene. The general approach would be as follows:

  • go to the library and get books with appropriate illustrations, scan these in high-quality as 1 bit black-and-white images
  • identify different layers (manually draw rough outline, automatically make precise cuts, e.g., using a snake approach)
  • automatically construct a layer graph
  • raise the layers so that the font-most is closest to the viewer but so that there is always overlap (i.e., no holes in the final view)
  • user interaction for adjusting specific depths
  • output 1: render an anaglyphic image of the 3D scene
  • output 2: regular rendering with interaction to slightly adjust the viewpoint
  • this data needs to be saved in project files to that one can load a scene description and interact with the views as described

Example illustrations: